5 favorite menus to cook at the office …on a rainy day

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5 favorite menus to cook at the office …on a rainy day

The office is almost lunch time and the rain is brewing. The regular restaurant that has to go out to eat in the sun today may have to go through the wet rain. for convenience Save money and save time. WorkVenture presents 5 appetizing dishes. Make preparations from home before leaving for work. Fixing boredom of rice and curry restaurants around the office plus save money The quality of nutrients is complete. Let’s see to UFABET.

1. Sandwiches: find leftovers in the fridge to sandwich.

If in the morning before leaving the house, seeing the rain, acting gloomy Or listen to the weather forecast and see that it’s going to rain. This lunch break, try making a quick, simple sandwich with a weird filling. Grab some bread, ham, eggs, chili, canned tuna, mayonnaise, salad dressing. Put it on. Really, you can make it for breakfast too. save twice

The trick is canned tuna to mix with salad dressing, edamame, tri-colored vegetables before spreading on bread, it’s more convenient than separating. Or if you switch from loaf buns to croissants and bagels (the latter should be warmed first so they don’t get sticky) can add a premium to your lunch. Grab a cup of coffee at the office kitchen and finish your leisurely lunch.

2. Mixed rice: Hurry up, don’t need to stir fry.

The rest of the steamed rice cooked overnight, warm up first, pick up Chinese sausages, sliced ​​sausages and throw them into the microwave. Overnight omelette, a little warm, take it and cut it. Shredded yard long beans, blanched tricolor vegetables, fried mackerel meat into pieces If lacking spicy and sour Before entering the office, try to pick up a sachet of chilli paste in a convenience store. It’s time to bring the machines together. Think of it as rice with shrimp paste or rice salad that is much easier to prepare.

The trick is, if you’re afraid you won’t full, prepare a little more than you think. Because we’ve already tried Who thinks he’ll be full, turns out he’s not full (oh, fat bitch) 

3. Instant noodles: Add secret items from convenience stores.

Some offices may have this type of food prepared in case of emergency. If you are really lazy to go downstairs to find something to eat. Or if you go down and can’t think of anything Try instant noodles, that’s it. However, try adding options according to the status at that time, such as soft-boiled eggs, boiled eggs (also available with peel), tofu, sausage, etc. If you are afraid of being spicy or burning your throat because of MSG. You can also try spiciness with milk, yoghurt, and a cup of dessert.

4. Cook 1 dish and share with friends: It’s a fun game to build friendships.

Try to find one day of the week. Have teammates bring each person’s food to share. May set a fun theme Or let them eat together randomly, it creates quite a friendly relationship. have exchanged tastes in food as well

5. Out of wisdom, the rain comes as a surprise … Call for food ordering service

Considered lucky for those who have offices in the city. Because the last and most comfortable way out is to order them to eat as usual. May call to order the aunt’s shop regularly. Use the app to order, which is both versatile and convenient. Or you can leave the maid at the office to go through the rain. save time It’s also suitable for people who don’t want to risk their luck eating their own food.