How to eat to keep your liver strong

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Did you know that the “liver strong ” is one of the most damaged organs in the body? From inappropriate lifestyle behavior of Thai people As a result, the ratio of liver-related diseases is constantly increasing. Including cirrhosis, fatty liver, liver cancer , especially fatty liver disease is found in the Thai population more and more every year. One cause is from drinking alcohol. The process by which the liver removes alcohol. Fatty acids will be formed. The fatty acids will be made into triglycerides. which is inserted into the liver It is a characteristic of fat that forms on the liver. which will cause inflammation It may then lead to cirrhosis. abnormal liver function If you do not hurry to receive treatment It may have life-threatening effects.

Foods that damage the liver that should be avoided

The main thing is that alcohol and fermented foods contain nitrates, nitrites, saltpeter, and other substances that are harmful to the liver strong. Including undercooked foods such as fermented fish, raw fish, etc. that cause liver fluke disease. Which can lead to liver cancer. and hepatitis as well

There are also foods that are high in fat, oily and fried foods, which will cause the accumulation of fat. Including food that is contaminated with fungus such as aflatoxin, which is a fungus that lives in beans. that can cause liver cancer ทางเข้า ufabet

Liver nourishing foods that we should eat

The food we should eat is brown rice and germinated brown rice. Brown rice has more nutrients than normal white rice. Especially dietary fiber, folic acid, various vitamins, gamma oryzanol (an antioxidant from plant seeds), vitamin E, including GABA. which are all substances that are beneficial to the body

You should also eat vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, carrots, watermelon, and asparagus because fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants. Helps reduce inflammation This may be caused by the destruction of free radicals. and also has high dietary fiber Helps reduce liver toxicity.

Eat liver to nourish the liver?

The liver is a storehouse of vitamin A. and contains iron These substances are already beneficial to the body. But the liver also has high levels of cholesterol. Therefore, eating liver in hopes of continuously nourishing the liver. There may be a negative effect on fat returning to the body. Or go for a liver mask instead. Therefore you must eat carefully.

Sugar syrup heals the liver?

people with liver disease This means that liver function is abnormal. This makes the liver unable to store glucose. and can be broken down into energy Patients with liver disease may experience fatigue. and want to eat something sweet Therefore, when you eat dessert, you will feel better. But it is only a temporary improvement. It’s not the right treatment. In addition, eating nectar regularly May cause diabetes or other diseases.