Who would want to suffer Office syndrome? It’s so easy to do!

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Who would want to suffer from Office syndrome? It’s so easy to do!

Many people who are living a salary man (Like the author) sit up straight, eyes staring at the computer, legs straight, probably knowing. That what is happening is not healthy at all, and even though we know that it’s not good. But we can’t do anything. Because just thinking about having to exercise Our hearts are already tired. What could happier than a chocolate cake waiting at home? Right? But not like this. Today, We would like to expand on the classic sentence ‘Just moving is equal to exercising’ to prevent us from suffering from Office Syndrome at UFABET.

First of all, let’s warm up.

our warm up Is to sit upright, sure enough. in order to move our body to be most effective that we arranged to sit well Not only will it make us look good only. but it also helps us breathe more easily This will allow more air and oxygen to flow into our bodies. Resulting in our brains working better, sure enough. Do you see that a good start is already half the victory

Alright, let’s get started!

Step 1 During the ‘head and neck’ period ,

Many people may not know that when we are stressed. Our muscles will begin to tighten. causing us to feel the tension in the neck to the shoulders and after the stress has disappeared Our muscles are still tense. Makes us have to exercise our neck and shoulder muscles here.

Start by taking a deep breath and tilting your neck to the left, right, front and back. Stretch your neck to feel a good amount of tension. Hold for 10 seconds to allow the muscles to stretch and relax. Can prevent neck pain.

Step 2 : In the ‘Shoulders and Arms’ 

phase, we shrug both of our shoulders up and down to relax our muscles more. It will help reduce shoulder pain well. After that, clasp both hands in an outstretched manner. stretch your arms to the sky Lean down both left and right until you feel a slight stretch. Hold that position for about 10 seconds, taking deep breaths. and change sides It will help both our arms and our body to be more active and alert.

Step 3 : ‘Fingers’ 

rangefor people who do activities that require a lot of fingers. Let’s try to exercise our fingers by spreading them as wide as possible and closing them into a fist. Doing this 10 times on each side will help your fingers not get tired from straining on the keyboard and be ready for other activities.

Step 4 The ‘legs’ rangefor this last part. A person who has a personal desk stall There are two exercises that we can easily do at our desk. One is for us to stretch our legs forward. and raised by contracting our toes pointing away from us Hold for about 10 seconds, then switch sides. For those who have less space May be modified to lift the knees up and down on both sides, it’s not serious

It will be notic. That all that we have introduced here. It may not serious, intense exercise. But we believe that if we follow all of these Everyone’s body will ready to go out to do other activities that are far from our desk more efficiently. But after all this has said, many people are still afraid. That it might not be enough for the lunch buffet they had eaten. Plus, there’s a favorite smoothie chocolate drink that doesn’t look like you’ll be able to burn your knees any amount you lift.