Slavic cards simple card game that uses more brains than luck.

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Slavic cards simple card game that uses more brains than luck.

Slavic cards, a simple card game that uses more brains than luck. If you are the one who likes to play card games. But I can’t go to read them, formulate formulas, think of strategies and measure fortunes like baccarat or poker, and today I have one card to introduce to each other.

That is, the Slavic card, although rarely seen in online casino But let me tell you that it’s easy to play and very fun. Don’t depend on the sun And don’t have to worry about many strategies. But how does it play? Is it really fun? Let’s go and see to the UFABET.

Where did the Slavic cards come from?

Although we have seen many Slavic cards in the form of computer games. But still no one knows what it is and where it came from. Originally, this card is said to have originated in mainland China around the 1970s before it became very popular in Japan in the 1980s. The rules of play are believed to be the origin of other card games such as President, Ashole, Arshole that foreigners like to play.

As for the concept or concept of this card, it’s simple. Whoever wins will be the King, whoever loses must become a slave (Slave). The cards in hand are like soldiers. Each player must plan a battle to become king. And this is what I said it takes a little brain. While our hands are up, there is always a chance of becoming a slave. Just discard one wrong card and life can change.

Where can Slavic cards be played?

Anyone looking for Slavic card games according to online casinos Might be a bit difficult. because there are very few who are open for service But there are also some online sites that allow players to compete with other players as well. So it’s mostly in the form of online games. making it accessible to all ages

As for the basic rules, there isn’t much. As long as there are 3-8 people playing, it’s enough. If it’s good, it’s 4-6 people. The condition of being a king is not difficult. Just discard all cards. Each card discarded must always have a higher value than the community card. If in that round no one has a higher card than the community card It will start over by the last pasted person. And of course, whoever runs out of cards last will become a slave or Slavic

Slavic card rules

Here, I would like to explain the basic rules. That are use as a standard for playing in general. Because when we actually play, there will be more rules. more or less depending on the website he will determine The main rules are as follows.