Edu reveals progress on new contract with Bukayo Saka

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Edu reveals progress on new contract with Bukayo Saka.

Arsenal technical director Edu has reveal progress is being made in talks. Over a new contract with winger Bukayo Saka. Which is currently gaining interest from various parties.

The 20-year-old’s original contract expires in 2024. Making him the subject of a number of clubs in the Premier League and Europe, especially Liverpool and Manchester City. Who report keen to join the team. continually

Arsenal are struggling to keep Saka in place. With previous reports suggesting. They are ready to double their wages on a new contract. At the same time, Edu spoke out in an interview with The Atletic about the progress in the matter.

“Good it’s very good, everyone is happy, it’s normal. We’ll sit back and put all our expectations into it and make it right. Whether it’s our expectations, his or his family and agents. which we will bring everything together.”

“The main thing is his feelings. great feeling towards us he is happy we are happy So it just sits down and continues to find a solution to this issue together,” said Edu.

Bukayo Saka, a future winger, “big guns” Arsenal is a young player under the age of 21 with the best results in Europe. 

As a result, the name Bukayo Saka came in first place. Which was determined by both criteria. Defensive air and ground, catching the ball, passing the ball. Creating chances and in the air in attack. until the shooting The News has hit 9 goals in the league.