Salzburg asks for a world-record deal with Bruno Fernandes

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Salzburg asks for a world-record deal with Bruno Fernandes if Manchester United want to buy Zesco.

Red Bull Salzburg’s official Twitter account has label the offer. They want from Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League football.

After the Red Devils were reportedly considering the possibility of seizing the team’s striker Benjamin Zesco in Wonderland. The transfer market this summer.

The 19-year-old Slovenian international came into the spotlight. That the Red Devils were aware of the striker’s excellent performance. Well amid close monitoring from Newcastle, Liverpool, Tottenham. 

To Real Madrid amid the uncertainty in Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation with Old Trafford

The Salzburg Twitter account quoted Romano as tweeting. The news stating that he had attract interest from the United squad. With a sign asking for an offer worth 300 million. Bruno (Fernands) includ in the offer for Zesco

At 194cm tall and playing for a club. That has a ladder in the making of Erling Haaland’s name. the new spearhead takes off from Manchester City it comes as no surprise that the name Benjamin Zesco has compared to the senior Norwegian striker,

besides his height that is the hallmark of Zesco, he is also recognized for his speed that may be better than Halan. Although referred to not having the strength of the body as the blue sailors, the 19-year-old footballer himself used to refer to his nickname as

“This kind of comparative encourages me to continually leverage my work. It didn’t put any pressure on me. I will learn to listen and learn in order to become a better player than him.”